Meet the pets of Hatchmere

Some of the resident pets that you may encounter in and around Hatchmere village.

(listed alphabetically to avoid favouritism)

Jeanie Basset


Laziest dog in Hatchmere, Jeanie loves to meet new people in the forest so please say hello if you stumble across her.



Parsley is very particular about who she is friendly with so make sure you have a carrot or two if you encounter this diva.



Not just the fastest dog in Hatchmere, Marlon has many other talents. Marlon fancies Jeanie.



The smartest dog in Hatchmere. It is rumoured that Pippa completes The Times cryptic crossword in ten minutes.

If you are a resident of Hatchmere and you would like your pet listed, we'd really like to add a picture and some details about your animal friend/family member, so please get in contact via the Contact Us page.