Information about swimming at Hatchmere lake

Hatchmere Lake has been used by the public for recreation and leisure activities (fishing, bathing, bird watching etc.) for many generations. The lake is particularly popular with families with young children who come from the surrounding area to enjoy the attractive waters and to picnic on an area of grass adjoining a sandy bay.

Swimming is permitted at Hatchmere in a designated zone that is indicated by markers on the far bank. The swim area is V-shaped with the centre post easily aimed for, the Southern and Northern posts are harder to spot and are obscured by vegetation in the Spring and Summer.

The designated swimming area

Please be considerate to the people fishing around Hatchmere lake by remaining within the designated area for swimming that has been agreed by Cheshire Wildlife Trust and Prince Albert Angling Society,

Entrance to the mere is via small grassed area next to the Harriers Inn. When the water level is low there a beach/muddy area exposed.

The middle post on the far bank is quite easily seen but the Southern and Northern post can be very tricky to locate. The distance to the middle post on the far bank is 150 metres.

Marker posts on the far bank of Hatchmere
View from the entrance point to Hatchmere

No Inflatables

No inflatables apart from safety gear such as swim buoy, tow float or armbands

No Watercraft

No watercraft, motorised or otherwise such as a canoe or kayak

No Radio Controlled Boats

No radio controlled boats or other surface floating craft, petrol or electric

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Walk round Hatchmere

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How to get to Hatchmere for a swim...

Hatchmere lake is located next to the Carriers pub in Hatchmere village. The village of Hatchmere is not really recognised by sat navs, Hatchmere is actually in the parish of Norley and the nearest town is Frodsham.

Hatchmere is situated just off the B5152. You can get there by putting the postcode WA6 6NL in your sat nav. This is actually the postcode for the Harriers Pub next door, but you can't miss the mere.