• Jump into the water until you have acclimatised to the water temperature
  • Dive down and swim into deep water, which will be colder and there may be fishing tackle resting on the floor of the mere
  • Swim outside the designated area


  • Swim with friends or family, so that you can help each other if you need to
  • Stay within the designated area for swimming
  • Think about what you will do if something goes wrong

Normal dangers of open water include–

  • Submerged objects may not be visible
  • Lack of safety equipment and increased difficulty for rescue
  • The shock of cold water can make swimming difficult and increase the difficulty in getting out of the water

A good idea is to use a Tow Float or Dry Bag to both store valuables as you swim (e.g car keys). Tow Floats can be helpful if you get tired or need a rest - buy a tow float from Amazon where they are low cost.

Unless swimming in the Summer months you may want to consider (links to Amazon):

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