Cheshire Wildlife Trust (CWT) have closed Hatchmere Lake to swimmers as of November 2019. Help needed to fight the closure! See the open letter that was provided by CWT (opens in new tab).

We need people to get involved! Please email/call/contact CWT as we can’t let them make this closure permanent….please read on.

Firstly, I’m not someone in authority. I’m just a local resident of Hatchmere that was asked to take over the running of the website a few years ago as the previous chap (one of the key people that originally campaigned for the right to swim in the mere) became too ill/old to run the website and asked me to create a new version and take over (all at my own expense and time).
I’m annoyed at Cheshire Wildlife Trust (CWT). I was on to them like a flash when the fence went up. I have exchanged emails with CWT…..they told it was due to the deterioration of the water quality due to the amount of swimmers – see open letter (link above) they also sent to me on email.
I’m deeply sceptical about their motivation. Yes, their reasoning is quite disarming as who would argue against the potential of damaging wildlife BUT, when I asked for test results/evidence….i.e. normal levels v current levels, they ceased comms. Why is the closure not mentioned temporary? Why should open water swimmers like you and myself be punished for the activities of the plonkers that turn up on hot days in the Summer and are the cause of some anti-social behaviour……all the problems could have been avoided with adequate signage, I’ve been telling them for years!!!
So if you have the time, it would be great if you and any of your friends you could email/contact them independently of me to create some pressure on CWT. I personally think they have closed it and are keeping it as low profile as possible…by that I mean they are hoping to weather any minor storm and make it a permanent closure.
A campaign should be started and I’d love to be a principal…..but like most people, I have a full time job…where do I find the time! Help.
Please email CWT at – or call them?….even write to them?!? Their full contact details –
I will keep this news thread up to date. I can be contacted at
If there is someone that has the time and energy to start a proper campaign, I would love to support!