About This Site

About the Hatchmere website

This website is run by a local resident of Hatchmere. The website has been active for years, the previous version was owned and maintained by Yacov Lev, who was one of the key figures of the Friends of Hatchmere group that fought for the continued right to swim in Hatchmere. It is because of the efforts of Yacov and the other Friends of Hatchmere that we can continue to enjoy open water swimming in the mere.

A screen grab of the old Hatchmere website below:


A local resident. I want the right to swim in Hatchmere to be maintained as the Friends of Hatchmere campaigned so hard for. I fund the website out of my own pocket. I have am an affiliate of Wiggle and also have Google Adsense adverts on the website to help with the funding of the site, so would appreciate it if you use/click on the Google and Wiggle links on the site and below to purchase any swim, run or bike gear you need.

Some Old Pictures of Hatchmere

Hatchmere lake 1958