What are the rules for swimming in hatchmere?

No Water Craft

No rigid or inflatable water craft allowed, so no type of canoe, dinghy or kayak allowed. No motorised craft allowed such as motorboat or jet ski. No radio controlled craft.

No Inflatables

No floating sunbeds, toys or other such novelty inflatables allowed but swimming aids such as arm bands and tow floats are permitted.

Swim In The Designated Swim Zone

Swimming is permitted at Hatchmere in a designated zone that is indicated by markers on the far bank. The swim area is V-shaped with the red and white centre post easily aimed for, the Southern and Northern posts are harder to spot and are obscured by vegetation in the Spring and Summer.

How do I get to Hatchmere lake?

The postcode to enter in your sat nav is WA6 6NL. Hatchmere lake is situated on the edge of Hatchmere village and is right next to the Carriers Inn pub on Delamere Road, which is the B5152. Delamere Road is quite long so it’s best to to use the post code to find your way there.

How far is the swim across to the other side?

It is approx 150 metres to the opposite side when aiming for the centre post, which is white and red in colour.

If you want to swim a mile, that’ll be six ‘there and backs’ (or 12 widths) which is 1800 metres, so 1.1 miles.

Are dogs allowed to swim in Hatchmere?

Yes but please ensure your dog does not disturb the wildlife, the fisher club members and you and your dog stay within the designated swim area, which is a V shape (see the image on the home page),

Do I have to wear a wetsuit?

Wetsuits are not compulsory…it’s up to you. Outside the warmer months in the year, unless you are an experienced open water swimmer, we do recommend a wet suit. There are some great entry level wetsuits, gloves and boot available at Wiggle

When can I swim in Hatchmere?

Anytime of the year and anytime of day. Common sense rules apply!

Are you allowed to camp at Hatchmere?

There is no camping permitted at Hatchmere lake but there is an 80 pitch camp site 1 mile away run by the Camping and Caravanning Club.

Does Hatchmere have a problem with blue green algae?

In the Summer months when there has been no rainfall and a prolonged period of calm, blue green algae can build up in Hatchmere. Look out for the warning signs. Blue green algae can make humans ill and is very harmful for dogs.

Why do you call Hatchmere a mere rather than a lake?

You can call Hatchmere a lake, the word mere is a traditional old English term recorded as ″sea, lake″. A Mere is a small lake formed by a glacial drift depositing water after the last ice age. During that time, the retreating ice gouged out basins in the rock, sometimes called kettle holes. These basins filled with rainwater and created the Meres present today.